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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Flying with accomplices

I have accomplices. We are partners in crime, but our crimes are not really criminal offenses. After all one of my accomplices is a judge and that would not bode well with her career. Anyway, I think we all need at least one accomplice. You know, that person who will jump in the car with you and do whatever it is you want to do even if it may not be the best decision you have ever made.

So far my accomplices and I have not done anything lacking in judgment. Just last weekend one went to a Prince-inspired yoga class. We dressed alike. We practiced yoga next to each other and had a great time. Yeah, we are 'extra' like that. And no one expects anything less from us. It is amazing what finding the right friend can do. We haven't danced anything out yet like Meredith and Christina, but give us time.

Another accomplice came from Charleston last weekend. we got up and ran 6 miles. I really miss running with her.  We chatted and somehow someway I managed to register for a half marathon that takes place THIS SATURDAY. I think this one could be labeled as something lacking good judgment since I have not run more than 6 miles this year and barely did that last year. I do not think I have run more than 10 miles in the past two years. And yet easy as you please I am registered. I keep telling myself to just get in the back and just focus on finishing. It is too late to try to train for it. Hopefully the cortisone shot that I got last Friday will help mitigate the pain. Worst case I just walk a lot. That will not be the worst thing ever. Plus I really just want the miles on my legs and to get my daily allotment of steps.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Flying with the moon

Sunday night I did something that I have never done before. I danced by the light of the moon. Why? Because it was a super blood wolf moon eclipse and for some reason the phrase 'dance by the light of the moon' was stuck in my head. Apparently I heard it somewhere. I just looked it up. It is poem that I must have heard eons ago. Certainly not recently.

I almost drove to Charleston to watch the moon from the bridge or maybe even gather some friends and run. Then I thought about just going to my favorite spot on Sullivan's Island and watching the moon over the ocean. In the end I went to Lake Mayer a mere 15 minutes from my house. At least there was water.

I do not know why, but I have always wanted to dance by the light of the moon and in my mind a super blood wolf moon was the perfect occasion to do it. I carefully crafted two playlists. One was full of powerful women like Nina, Tina, Mariah, Aretha, and Alicia. My accomplice and I danced to it even though she complained and said that this playlist had nothing to do with the moon. I argued that strong women have everything to do with everything including the moon.

Did I mention that we were not alone? There were a few other cars and one strange pick-up truck in the parking lot. And we danced anyway. We must have been a site. It was cold outside. We both had on hats, earmuffs, gloves hand warmers inside of our gloves, boots, coats, and scarves. We gyrated our hips, moved our shoulders, and nodded our heads to the soulful sounds and sang loudly and very off key. We may have sounded better if we howled at the moon, but interestingly enough we did not do that.
Eventually I switched to the other playlist of Native American flute music. I imagined that somewhere Native Americans were (or did) dance in celebration of the moon. I do not know how to dance any native dances so I sat with my eyes closed imagining how that celebration would look. And I love flute music. We sat reverently sipping hot chocolate, non-alcoholic hot chocolate because neither of us had any Bailey's and the decision to have hot chocolate was made only an hour before our appointed meeting time. I am not complaining it was hot and it was good. But I will make sure to have Bailey's in my house from now on. You never know when another hot chocolate emergency will happen.

We had so many questions about what was happening as we watched the spectacle of the eclipse. We then downloaded the app Star Walk 2 and saw so many constellations and stars. They were all labeled and we were able to see the sky in an entirely new way. And we danced. Oh how we danced. I know what happened that night was purely scientific. But I swear there was some magic sprinkled it. I felt it.  

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Flying with a view

The other day I went for a run with my friend Tammy. I needed the push and the accountability. If not I would have just stayed in my bed a bit longer. And as usual, I am always happy that I ran.

For the record, I hate running in circles. So we ran around Lake Mayer then ventured out on the road. Then it started to rain. Actually a light mist, but the weatherman said expect rain so we turned around just in case the skies opened.

Then we saw the birds. There were beautiful egrets in flight. And blue herons. It is hard to see, but in the picture there is a blue heron. At least I think that is what it is. I am a bit rusty on my sea fowl now that I do not see them as often. It is times like this that I miss living in Charleston where I saw water on a daily basis.

And then there were the geese. Nice and big. And this one just posed. At one point it looked at me (I do not know the males from the females so I am using the pronoun it). It looked directly at me and I guess I was taking too long to take the picture that it turned its head and refused to look at me again. And perhaps I was a bit too close, like in his personal space. He did not honk. He just stood there waiting for something. At least that is what I think.

The main thing outside of actually getting some physical exercise done is the realization that I would not have seen any of these birds if I had stayed in my house. I would not have felt the gentle breeze against my skin or the light misty cool rain. Some days that is all I need.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Flying with a vision

I finally did it. I created a vision board. I know that I am very late to this party. I have sort of always wanted to do one. I just did not know how to start and was not sure what to put on it. And I honestly have never sat still long enough to envision anything in my life. I just always went with the flow unless I saw something specific. I never charted my future or even had a plan. I just did not. I marveled at the people who carved paths and achieved the things they outlined. And I have heard stories from those who put things that they had no idea to achieve and those things happened. One person said that if you can envision it, it is already in motion. I need some things to be in motion.
The reason I decided to do one this year is because I needed to do something different to usher in the new year. The last time I decided to do something different that turned out to be running a last minute marathon in Ocala, Florida. I have not anything like that before or since.
I just felt stuck and needed to do something instead of just waiting. So when I saw the workshop for the New Moon New year Sacred Intentions workshop, I signed up. I needed to set some intentions. Not resolutions. I stopped setting those a while ago. I needed to be intentional about my life. I need some things to be in motion.
At first I just stared at the blank paper. Then I browsed through magazines and just tore out things that I liked. Most of them were words. None of the items seemed to make any sense so I did not glue anything. After the workshop I went to Target with Tammy and she bought a bigger board because she said she had a lot of visions. So I naturally followed suit and bought a big orange piece.
I glued my pictures on it. I added words. I dared to think about what I want my life to look like. And I even wrote down words. It is not done yet, but I am enjoying the exercise. I may go to jail for stealing magazines out of break rooms and waiting rooms. I do not have physical magazines. I get mine all electronic because I allowed them to pile up and ended up throwing too many of them away.
I need some things to be in motion. I know that now and now I know what those things should be-exactly what I want.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Flying on the first Wednesday of the year

It is officially 2019. It was official yesterday. Last year seemed to go by so fast and yet there were times when I felt like it was crawling. And now it is done. Done and gone. We are now in a new year. A new beginning. A time for new stuff. This year I am going try to be more present, more fearless, more vocal, more daring, and more of whatever shows up. Except for drama, negativity, fear, and other things I would just rather not face. 

This year I want to delve deeper into what makes me happy, fulfilled, and allow those things to allow me to continue sharing wisdom and amplifying my voice. For me this is the year of the iceberg. Yes, that is right, the year of the iceberg. I had never seen one in real life until I went on a cruise to Alaska. Then I became enchanted by them. Little chunks or not so little chunks of ice floating in the ocean. 

I learned that 90% of the iceberg is below the water. We can only see 10%. That is a perfect symbol for life. We just can't see it all and most of it is hidden. This year I want to taste more than my normal 10% of life. I want to learn more, do more, see more, and ultimately be more. 

I do not exactly have a plan on how to accomplish all of that yet, but I will begin with reading more. I have a few new books on my Kindle that I need to read. I am also actually going to teach a yoga class at a local studio in February. My stomach is fluttering at the thought. I have been putting that off because I do not feel 'ready'. It is now time to get ready. Procrastination and I need to part ways. 

If a writer knows enough about what he is writing about, he may omit things that he knows. The dignity of movement of an iceberg is due to only one ninth of it being above water. 

Ernest Hemingway

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Flying for an angel

For the past few years I have taken an angel off of the Salvation Army Christmas tree. I usually get an older kid because those are the ones less likely to be chosen. They ask for bigger gifts. I heard that the kids are told not to ask for anything too extravagant. I understand the reasoning behind that, but isn't that what kids do on Christmas? Ask for really big stuff and maybe getting some of it? I know I did. Actually, I am not sure if that is what I did. I always got what I asked for so I am not sure if I asked for inexpensive things or if my parents went into major debt on Christmas. Maybe I will ask.

Back to my angel. I chose a 12 year old girl. My mother, a friend, and I divided up the list. We managed to get the girl everything she had on there. Some things were challenging like the bike. We may have gotten it too big because we do not know how tall she is. We know that size clothes she wears, but that does not tell us if she is tall or short. But the bike is pretty so that should count for something, right? Yeah, maybe not. We did our best. I will admit that I said that I was not buying an expensive bike for a child that I did not know. That is because I do know how she rides. I do not know what kind of a bike she needs/wants. I was guessing. The bike is pretty which as I mentioned before may or may not count for much. The bike is new. And I hope she loves it.

A few people said that they just got one thing on their angel's list because well, the children has nothing so one thing is better than nothing. Another person said that they were not going to spend a lot of money getting a stranger's child gifts that just might get stolen. And the list of why people were not buying or buying what they bought was astounding. Especially since I did not even ask.

I wanted to get everything on my angel's list. Why? Because it is Christmas and perhaps the family had a crappy year. Maybe something great needs to happen for this child. No strings attached. How I managed my list is in no way saying anything about what anyone else did. In fact when people marveled at what I (and my mom and friend) did and then relayed their tales of woe I simply chuckled to myself. I am not the Christmas angel police.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Flying above the clouds

I like to think of myself as being very grounded. I tend to notice things from differing viewpoints and while I may not always agree with those points I do acknowledge their presence and respect them as much as I can.

This latest round of Georgia elections has me puzzled. Or maybe dismayed is the better word. I do not understand how someone thinks that an ad pointing a rifle at a teenager is acceptable regardless of the platform. It gave me pause and I am not completely against the right to bear arms.

I am trying to figure out exactly when our elected officials turned from being the voice of their constituencies to being the voice for individual power. Or maybe I just had not been paying close enough attention most of my life. Perhaps when it happened does not matter. The fact that it happened is of greater concern.

If those we have elected do not speak for us who does? Or must we constantly rely on being arrested for protesting, posting outrageous incidents on social media, and writing letters to the editor to be heard?

When will running for public office be available for those who cannot pay the high filing fees, party dues, get advertising dollars, and whatever else is necessary to simply run a campaign? I hear the argument that not everyone should run for office. Okay, that is true and it is even more true for some of those who have the means to run and do.

I do not have the answers. All I can do is give my students the platform of a safe space to talk about our differences. To talk about those things that make us uncomfortable. To share experiences that have jaded us and those that have made us whole. The least I can do is listen and not react, not flinch, not roll my eyes, and not speak. This is how I learn. This is how I instill trust and respect. Only then am I able to ask the questions that often pierce the depths of ugliness and prejudice. And even that does not always work.

Where is the table where we sit to talk about what is not working? How do we come to together to make this nation better for ALL OF US? Why is doing a good deed considered heroic? Why isn't it normal behavior?

I do not have the answers. I just have tons of questions. And every now and then I get the opportunity to see the world from a different vantage point like above the clouds. Above the clouds with the sun rising. From this point everything seems beautiful.