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Monday, November 2, 2020

Flying in a bottleg half marathon

In case I have not mentioned it enough, I am a gear guru for Blue Sky Endurance. Now that we have that out of the way let me begin my story. 

It really wasn't a bootleg half marathon. It was the virtual Take Action Move for Justice half marathon.  I just call it bootleg because I had no real route in mind. I meant to map it out. I really did. But as it got closer to the day I decided that we would just go out and walk. We weren't racing so I figured it would be fine. 

So Saturday morning two of my 50+ and fabulous women friends from Charleston and I synchronized our watches and started the race. It was more of a walk as we had not seen each other in months. These are part of the group who would meet me at 4:30 to run 10 miles most Saturday mornings when I lived in Charleston. 

It was fun catching up. It was different walking. And if I am honest, it was a teeny bit nicer. I had no route so we walked up and down most of the streets in my neighborhood and eeked out 8 miles before we left it. We commented on the front yards, mostly the front porches, and the horses. No, I do not live in a rural town, and yes there were two horses tucked in at the end of a dead-end street. Go figure, but long ago I learned never to judge lives I will not lead. And I cannot imagine living with horses or any other kind of animal as I am highly allergic. 

The morning was brisk and chilly. It was in the 50s. I wore my new (yes, I broke one of the cardinal race rules and wore something new) hoodie that I got from Blue Sky Endurance.  It is the Comet Seamless Hoodie from Salomon Running I love hoodies and I almost really love this one.

But first the good stuff: the seamless body fits nicely. I bought a size up so that it was roomy as they fit true to size. It was super soft and cozy. With its engineered mesh zones, this hoodie is breathable with wicking fabric that kept my body temperature stable. It kept me warm enough when we began our walk and as it got warmer it did not stifle me. the color was nice, too. I would even wear this with jeans and boots. 

What I did not like was the thumbhole contraption. Perhaps contraption is not the right word, but I cannot think of another one at this moment. Full disclosure I probably love thumbholes a bit too much. I think every piece of apparel with long sleeves should have them. Yes, even my dresses. My mom disagrees and she is probably right, but I am entitled to my opinion. Anyway, I wanted true thumbholes and not whatever this is. While I am sure there was research that went into this thumbhole thing and that there is a good reason for it to be this way, I am not a fan. And I could be in the minority. What else is new?

As for our walk, we finished it. It was an adventure. I gained new knowledge about my neighborhood. We all caught up in the four hours that it took us to walk. We were tired in a good way. It was hard, but we did it. And we are thinking that maybe, just maybe we will do it again. 


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