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Thursday, March 10, 2022

Flying with grace

Brett Jordan
This has been a hard week. Not for any new reason. More of the same. Okay, not really. Found out that someone who was a terrible person and an even more horrible person in authority at one of my previous places of employment just got a new job. I am not opposed to people getting new gigs. Hell, I need one myself. 

The point is and I will admit that it isn't even a good point because we should not compare ourselves to others. Anyway, I found out that this person who is still employed now has a new job. I wanted that person to languish in the turmoil that was created during his/her tenure. 

Alas, it happened and it did not happen to me. And that is the real rub. I have no idea of the deals. This person made have sold his/her soul to the devil for that gig. It may be a horrible job. It may even be a job that I would never want, apply for, or have the qualifications to do. 

And yet for a hot minute. Yes, I am lying. For much too much time I was upset. Then I questioned my own actions. Why didn't I have a new job? What was I doing wrong? Then a dear friend hit me upside my head. She reminded me that I am exceptional. Exceptional positions do not grow on trees. True, very true. 

I need to learn to continuously extend myself grace. More than twice a day if necessary. I also need to be grateful for other people's successes even if I do not like the person. Success is not limited to one person per day. One person's success does not negate someone else's. I know. I know. Right now it sounds like blah, blah, blah. 

My feelings are valid. I will honor them. I will also focus on the things in my sphere of influence, impact, and control. That other person is not one of them. 

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