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Sunday, January 1, 2023

Flying into the new year

Last year was full of despair and triumphs and disappointment. I manifested my dream job. It was everything I hoped for until it wasn't. Plot twist. Game over. Disappointment. Next chapter, please. 

This year I am striving for more passion in my whole life. That means in a job, a house, and dare I say a happy and healthy relationship. It's never too late, right? So how can I achieve the things that I really want? How do I begin? I will start with things that are within my control (or at least I think they are) include:

  • Embrace my gray hair. That isn't going so easy as I have been blonde for a very long time and my fingers are itching to return to what is comfortable. But I need to do something different and it is not a bad look, right?
  • Revamping my fitness since I have not consistently practiced yoga studio in about six months. I just wish that the Planet Fitness here had early morning classes. Funny because the ones in Savannah did and I did not take them. I admit that I need a little help, here since virtual classes by themselves are not working for me. Not working mainly because I am not doing them. I take full responsibility for that. 
  • Running, it has been over a year since I have actually run. Maybe I will do at least one half or a full marathon this year. If not, at least train for one as I really enjoy the training. 
  • Revise my resume and seek jobs that speak to my soul yet again. This time I will ask many more questions about the culture. And I will be much more open to what the universe is offering. 
  • I said I would start dating. I have not done that in about 3 years and to be honest, I am not sure I know how. One step at a time with lots of prayers. 
  • Laugh and dance a whole lot more. 

  • Believe in me, count my blessings, and continue unapologetically taking up space.
Of course, all of this is subject to change due to circumstances of maybe I will just change my mind. 

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