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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Flying into excellence

Originally posted for Blue Sky Endurance because I am a #gearguru. 

Today I stepped into excellence, not perfection excellence. There is a difference. Excellence means that you have done the work to the best of your ability. You have pushed yourself to the edge as defined by you not by your parents, your friends, and not by society. You get to set the goals and you get to crush them. And you can do this every freaking day. Just show up for one more step, one more minute, one more mile, one more of whatever it is you do or that you want to do. It all counts. It all counts even if no one sees you and it reverberates mightily when someone does. Just do the thing, your thing even if it's the thing that you thought you couldn't, shouldn't wouldn't ever do. That is how stereotypes crash and confidence roars.  Come on let's do this thing, stereotypes be damned.

My foray into excellence this time (Yes, you are allowed more than one time. In fact you should do it every day in some form or fashion) was standing front and center in front of 30+ people of all shapes, sizes, ages, races, abilities, and I assume religious ideologies. This was my largest yoga class to date. I was ready and yet the butterflies were rampant. Deep breaths, soft gaze, and focus. One more time and then again and again. Just one more. Namaste and then showtime. Front and center. I am in charge. Just do the thing.

Good thing I had on the super silky comfortable tank top. It beautifully wicked the sweat probably fueled more by nervousness than exertion from my body. I love that the back in a bit longer and covers my rear for that tiny bit of modesty that I want. Not in a dowdy old fashioned way, but in a cool pulled together not letting it all hang out in public kind of way. Not that there is anything wrong with letting it all hang out, this just wasn't the place for that. The ample armholes provide lots of room for me to move through poses without restriction and the seams did not rub me raw. The mesh center back panel allowed me to remain cool or as cool as I could be in front of all those people. Plus it's pretty cute. The Blue Sky Endurance logo emblazoned across the front reminded me that I have support along my journey. I am never alone in my trek for excellence and regardless of your fitness level neither are you. 

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