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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Flying with the moon

Sunday night I did something that I have never done before. I danced by the light of the moon. Why? Because it was a super blood wolf moon eclipse and for some reason the phrase 'dance by the light of the moon' was stuck in my head. Apparently I heard it somewhere. I just looked it up. It is poem that I must have heard eons ago. Certainly not recently.

I almost drove to Charleston to watch the moon from the bridge or maybe even gather some friends and run. Then I thought about just going to my favorite spot on Sullivan's Island and watching the moon over the ocean. In the end I went to Lake Mayer a mere 15 minutes from my house. At least there was water.

I do not know why, but I have always wanted to dance by the light of the moon and in my mind a super blood wolf moon was the perfect occasion to do it. I carefully crafted two playlists. One was full of powerful women like Nina, Tina, Mariah, Aretha, and Alicia. My accomplice and I danced to it even though she complained and said that this playlist had nothing to do with the moon. I argued that strong women have everything to do with everything including the moon.

Did I mention that we were not alone? There were a few other cars and one strange pick-up truck in the parking lot. And we danced anyway. We must have been a site. It was cold outside. We both had on hats, earmuffs, gloves hand warmers inside of our gloves, boots, coats, and scarves. We gyrated our hips, moved our shoulders, and nodded our heads to the soulful sounds and sang loudly and very off key. We may have sounded better if we howled at the moon, but interestingly enough we did not do that.
Eventually I switched to the other playlist of Native American flute music. I imagined that somewhere Native Americans were (or did) dance in celebration of the moon. I do not know how to dance any native dances so I sat with my eyes closed imagining how that celebration would look. And I love flute music. We sat reverently sipping hot chocolate, non-alcoholic hot chocolate because neither of us had any Bailey's and the decision to have hot chocolate was made only an hour before our appointed meeting time. I am not complaining it was hot and it was good. But I will make sure to have Bailey's in my house from now on. You never know when another hot chocolate emergency will happen.

We had so many questions about what was happening as we watched the spectacle of the eclipse. We then downloaded the app Star Walk 2 and saw so many constellations and stars. They were all labeled and we were able to see the sky in an entirely new way. And we danced. Oh how we danced. I know what happened that night was purely scientific. But I swear there was some magic sprinkled it. I felt it.  

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