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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Flying with accomplices

I have accomplices. We are partners in crime, but our crimes are not really criminal offenses. After all one of my accomplices is a judge and that would not bode well with her career. Anyway, I think we all need at least one accomplice. You know, that person who will jump in the car with you and do whatever it is you want to do even if it may not be the best decision you have ever made.

So far my accomplices and I have not done anything lacking in judgment. Just last weekend one went to a Prince-inspired yoga class. We dressed alike. We practiced yoga next to each other and had a great time. Yeah, we are 'extra' like that. And no one expects anything less from us. It is amazing what finding the right friend can do. We haven't danced anything out yet like Meredith and Christina, but give us time.

Another accomplice came from Charleston last weekend. we got up and ran 6 miles. I really miss running with her.  We chatted and somehow someway I managed to register for a half marathon that takes place THIS SATURDAY. I think this one could be labeled as something lacking good judgment since I have not run more than 6 miles this year and barely did that last year. I do not think I have run more than 10 miles in the past two years. And yet easy as you please I am registered. I keep telling myself to just get in the back and just focus on finishing. It is too late to try to train for it. Hopefully the cortisone shot that I got last Friday will help mitigate the pain. Worst case I just walk a lot. That will not be the worst thing ever. Plus I really just want the miles on my legs and to get my daily allotment of steps.

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