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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Flying with the birds

As I get older I realize that I must be very discriminate in the people I allow to share my breath. Not everyone has my best interest at heart. Not everyone wants me to succeed. And certainly not everyone should be passengers on my journey.

I learned some hard lessons. I had to politely remove myself from the orbit of some people. It was hard, but not as difficult as I thought it would be. don't get me wrong, I am the best cheerleader you could ever have. However, when I need the cheering and the same people were not there after I was just in their corner I began to pay attention. I do not mean tit for tat. I mean showing up and being present when showing up and being present is required.

And then I noticed that there were those who showed up and were present without the prodding. They were there because they were interested in being on my team and having me be a part of theirs. And honestly, those are the only people who I will go out of my way to make time for. Those people who show up. And that makes me show up and stand up a bit taller than usual. Just by being in the room their energies create an atmosphere of greatness. And who does not want to be surrounded by greatness? Who does not want to be part of greatness?

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