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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Flying with Crumpled Doretha

I had not realized that it has been over a month since my last post. I will try to do much better going forward.

I have started back to running. Okay, maybe that is not a correct statement. Let me try this again, I have started back to running MORE. Yeah, that is it. That is much more truthful. I bought a Planet Fitness membership, the $10 one so that I could run on a treadmill. I gave my treadmill away because it would not fit in my house unless I put it in the kitchen. And that just seemed, well uncouth. Anyway, I would routinely jump on the treadmill and run three miles. I even went after teaching class at 9:30pm. I could go at 5am when I did not feel safe running alone outside.

Well, that abruptly came to a halt and I started running again outside. I'd rather run a slower three miles on the pavement than on a treadmill. Then I started running farther. On my birthday I ran six miles. I was supposed to run 5.7, but I hate raggedy miles so it became six. Then I increased to 8. yes, I can now run 8 miles. I am sure they are not pretty, but they are beautiful to me. I want to get back to running a 10 miler every week. And yes, I am missing my running crew in Charleston.

So, I am back. My knee is okay. I have greater mobility and can almost straighten it all the way out. It does not hurt so much except when I do not take rest days. On the days that I do not run I am still doing something like yoga, swimming, or walking. I need to rest. I feel guilty when I rest. And I know that rest is when the body rejuvenates. It is still difficult to do.

I now take pictures of my crumpled clothes after a run. Not after EVERY run because sometimes I run out of time or my clothes are sweat soaked to my body that taking a picture just cannot happen in a timely manner. But I do my best.

And it feels great to be able to leave my stuff on the pavement. To just flat out eat miles again.

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