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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Flying covered

I live in Savannah, GA and last week snow happened. Not just a powdered sugar dusting, but actual go outside and make a snowman snow. Not to be confused with North Dakota snow or Washington state snow or Alaska snow. But snow nevertheless.

It was sort of dreamy. I mean, everything was covered in a fresh blanket of fluffiness. I almost wrote whiteness but that would bring up associations and connotations that I do not mean. So fluffiness it is.

Everything could be looked at from a different perspective. And that was the best part. Ordinary objects were cloaked in ways that we do not normally witness. Normal tasks were a bit treacherous. I almost fell walking to my car because of the ice.

The ice was deceptive. That clear coating made simple walking a chore. And some of it was buried under the snow making driving harder. It was easy to tell who respected the snow and who simply did not understand that law of nature.
I did not mind it. Only because I was safe and warm inside my house. I had food. I had power. I had coats. I had no where I needed to be. My place of employment was closed and my salary was not impacted.

I could afford to marvel at my southern city being wrapped in a cold snap. And I do not take that for granted.

I did not make snow cream. I know how, but you are supposed to wait for the second snow. And admittedly we barely had a first.

I think last week we all (or at least most of us) looked outside our window and saw the same thing. Philosophically we were united in the beauty of this act  of nature. People seemed amazed and perhaps a bit more kinder to each other. We were unarmed just a tiny bit under all of our layers of stuff. We all shared similar plights. It was like that Christmas morning glow.

I enjoyed seeing the good in people. I always do. And while I hope that goodness lasts forever, I would be grateful for a few more days. A few more days of goodness. Is that too much to ask for?