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Friday, January 12, 2018

Flying with the return of Thurday's Word

Thursday's Word

Dreams Do Come True!!

I started this Blog years ago when I wanted to encourage a friend who was going through a very rough time in her life.  She wanted me to send her Scripture that was uplifting and encouraging. She knew I was a write and she said..."Send me an email" so I can read it whenever I need to. I did and she started to feel better, and asked if she could pass that same information on to her other friends who she felt needed the same type of encouragement.

One email address led to another and another and before long...Thursday's Word was created. Why Thursday?  I felt that Sunday was when you got your fill of the Word at Church. Most people attend Bible Study on Wednesday night. Friday is always a busy end of the work week day, so Thursday was the day before all of that started.  It carried you on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday you got your refill!

I dreamed many dreams of becoming a published author and the Lord has blessed me to write my very first book, Thursday's Word Devotional.  Yes, I am honored to tell you that it is currently being printed and will be available in stores, and online for purchase soon.  The asking price is $17.95 plus shipping will be a total cost of $21.70.   You may send your request to Thursdays Word, Box 405, Franklin, TN 37064. If you enjoyed reading my Thursday's Word encouragement email each Thursday, then you will enjoy this book. All the information was taken directly from our shared emails and my Thursday's Word blog.

Dreams are those heartfelt yearnings that God places in your heart. They are so big that you know He is the one who has to make it come true. God loves giving us the desires of our heart. He longs to make us happy and fulfilled.  What are your dreams? What would you truly like to do the rest of your life?  What are some of the yearnings that you have and you are afraid to step out in faith to do?

Do not be afraid to taking that first step.  God will lead you all the way to fulfillment.  I started out with an email, then a Blog, then articles in Christian magazines, then note cards, now my very first published work.  God can and God will help you fulfill those yearnings in your heart....your dreams.

God bless you always is my prayer

Brenda C. Smith

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