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Monday, June 16, 2014

Flying craving something sweet

I have been craving something sweet. Not a doughnut, not a piece of pie or even a cupcake. I want something bigger and better. I want something that does not have calories. No, I am not thinking about sugar free or fruit.

I want favor. That's right. I want a miracle. No, I expect a miracle. Okay, my faith is mustard seed size right now so I am hoping for a miracle. Aren't miracles sweet? I think they are and I have had a few. The one I am craving right now will be awesome more amazing than the last one or two. Don't you want one as well?

They are not difficult to get. We do not have to do any of the work other than believe. I think we see less miracles because we are not looking for them and we have lost faith. Also, miracles are not always the huge things we hear about in the news. More times than not they are the quiet things that make only our hearts stop. The things that may go unnoticed by most. You know, something like seeing dolphins in the ocean, a bird singing in the dead of winter, a baby smile, or the setting of the sun.

Are you craving something sweet today? Are you paying attention or did you miss it?

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