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Friday, June 13, 2014

Flying with faith and no Plan B, a repost

I have been saying over and over again that I do not have a Plan B. Honestly, I probably would be on Plan E or F by now.  Yes, I would really like to have my way right now, but I have to rely on my faith to get me to where I am supposed to be and that is a challenge. I huge challenge these days. 

Vo Minh Thong

I found this blog by Glynnis Whitwer. It really spoke to me.

I knew God was speaking about faith with no backup plan. Faith that really gets His attention — where there’s no harness or wire. No experienced staff. No net. There’s just God. I’ve tasted that faith, but not often enough.

God is calling me to a higher place of faith. It’s a place where I believe God can and will provide for me. And therein lies the hard place. I’ve anchored my life in the belief that God can do anything, but somehow feel presumptuous believing He will for me.

That’s doubt masquerading as false humility. And that, my friends, saddens God and limits His work in my life. 

I am sure none of us wants to limit God's work in our lives. So let's take a deep breath, forget about Plan B, C, and D and put our faith solely in God. It is then when we will see the miracles. Are you waiting on something? Are you way past Plan B? You know that God is working on your behalf, right?

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