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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Flying with Thursday's Word Inventory with Brenda Smith, part 1

Thursday's Word

DEFINED: List of contents in a house. List of items in a storeroom
SCRIPTURE:  ‘You shall not die, but live, and declare the works of God’ (Psa 118:117)
I take inventory at work. I do it at month-end and especially at year-end.  I do not have as much space in this new building as I once did, so it is important that I stay on top of what is in house to prevent me from running out of the necessities.  I put in place an inventory method called “JIT” Just In Time inventory method because I keep just enough on hand that when I am running low on any particular product, office supply, or computer item I can order it just in time to keep the supply from being depleted. This insures that the office will continue to operate at its optional full capacity.  This method was adopted because I can no longer stockpile any one item because of limited space. Ok, so how does this relate to you and your Christian life? Every now and then we need to take inventory of our lives. We need to sit down and calculate, access, and pinpoint where we are with the goals we have set for kingdom building and soul-winning. We are too quick to throw out an idea if it has not worked when all it needs is a bit of adjusting to make it work. God is not surprised by our lack. He encourages us to rise and seize what is left.

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