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Friday, January 24, 2014

Flying in wait (a re-post)

I so needed to 'hear' this again.

I cannot read this enough. This is for me and the many other sistergirlfriends who are growing weary waiting for their THING to happen. I know this speaks of a man, but I find it is appropriate for so many other things. It is about patience, which I have in very short supply.

"WAIT" by Enna Bachelor

God Spoke to my spirit and said, "Wait"
When the last fool left
With my dignity in his hands
When the joker before that
Made all those demands
Mr. Right, please don’t speak to my body
Speak to mind
My soul’s been waiting too long, the right man to find
This highway of life has had its ups and its downs
I would have thought by now, true love would be found
My heart has been broken, is loneliness my fate?
God Spoke to my spirit and said, "Wait"
I’ve made some bad choices
Listened to the wrong voices
Should I keep going at this rate?
My head says yes, but God said "Wait"
I cannot deny the jealousy I feel
My feelings of envy are all too real
Always the bride’s maid, never the bride
It’s hard to keep looking, on the bright side
I try to keep myself up
Try to be pleasing to the eye
When will it be my turn to become a beautiful butterfly?
I have read the scriptures, prayed the prayers,
Sang the hymn and cast my cares
In all these things I have fought the good fight
But the loneliness still finds me in the still of the night
No one to hold on to
No one to caress
Is this what God has for those who give Him their best?
Then I remember whose child I am I have been washed in the blood of the lamb
This temple I’ve been given is being put to the test
I must continue to give God my best
I’ve got to start living like a person who wants to be blessed
Not worrying and complaining increasing my stress
Instead of raising my voice in a fit of rage
I’m lifting my hands to give God the praise
When the praises go up the blessings come down
I know I’m getting close to higher ground
The devil continues his attempts to frustrate
God give strength and help me to wait.

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