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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Flying in a different sapce

I am always talking about being involved in the community. While I lived in Charleston I certainly did that. A few months ago there was an article in the paper mentioning open seats on various City of Savannah commissions. I was never successful in getting appointed to a board in Charleston, but since I felt that I had done remarkably little in the place where I now live, what would it hurt to apply? So I did. I did and I forgot about it. And in all honesty I did not exactly know what I was applying for. I thought it was to be on a committee. I have served on numerous committees in my life and have even lead a few. I can do committees.
I received an email asking me to come to an interview for a seat on the recreation committee. That should have been my first clue that this was not 'just' a committee. Who interviews to be on a committee? Then I discovered that it was at city hall. So now things were beginning to feel bigger than 'just' a committee. Fortunately I was adequately dressed. My parents were in town and we were going shopping after my interview so I almost threw on jeans, a blouse, jacket, and some amazing shoes. But something told me to put on a tailored dress. I was almost tempted to be suited and booted, but I stayed in the dress. Perfect choice as it turned out.
In preparation for my interview I googled every member on the current board. I tried to find the budget, meeting minutes, goals, and stuff that would help me understand exactly what I was getting myself into, but the information was scarce.
I arrived promptly 20 minutes before my interview. at the appointed time I was ushered into the city council board room where various people (mostly men) were seated around a massive table. There were plenty of others in the 'audience'. I guess all interviews are open to the public. That was a bit intimidating. First time for everything.
I did not get to ask questions and I had a list of them. I was peppered with a few and in less than 10 minutes I was given the customary 'thank you for taking the time to come in and talk with us' and it was over. I wasn't even sure who was in the room or even around the table. I left a bit bewildered, but better for having that experience because no one I know here had ever gone through it. It was indeed an honor to be asked to interview.
Shortly afterwards I received a letter form the mayor saying that I am now on the recreation commission. My 3 year commitment begins in January. How cool is that? So I now welcome the opportunity to be in  different space. To see the inner operations of city government. I guess I really live in Savannah, now.

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