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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Flying with a change of plans nic

Last weekend the plan was to stay home and unpack. Yes, unpack. I still have boxes-full boxes from my move. I have shoved them in closets and the shed out back. Worse, I have some of them including my loot from Christmas on the dining room table. So as soon as you walk in my house it is on full display. I am not even embarrassed by that anymore. What's the point?

So since we had Good Friday off I was going to at least declutter the dining room. I was going to get up and go to yoga at 6:30am then come home, shower, and cook a real breakfast. Eggs and toast at the very least. Then I would tackle the dining room while binge watching something on Hulu or catching a marathon of something on television. That was the plan. I kept going over it in my head.

And then Barbara texted me. It wasn't an emergency. I could have said no. I really did not want to get on the road and head to Charleston. I really did not. But somehow that is EXACTLY what I ended up doing. I did not go to yoga. I did shower and I did cook a real breakfast. So I did part of the plan. Then I washed clothes, dishes, and some other stuff before jumping in my car and heading to Charleston. At least my iPod was up to date. I was listening to a very interesting book Charms and Chocolate Chips: Magical Bakery Mystery, Series # 3 by Charms and Chocolate Chips: Magical Bakery Mystery, Series # 3 by Bailey Cates. I think it falls in the category of cozy mystery.

I had an amazing time. Barbara's backyard is a lake so we sat there on her screened in porch drinking wine and chatting. She has taken up crocheting. Then we went to a Mexican restaurant with horrible karaoke singers for dinner. The next day we went to Hyams so she could buy plants. I also bought a plant for my front porch and four herbs (basil, rosemary, lemon balm, and thyme). So now my front porch is not naked. Then we kayaked in the lake because what else would one do when one lives on a lake?

Friends also came by and it felt great to sit back and enjoy my life. I have amazing friends. Later we ordered pizza, drank wine, and I introduced her to Death in Paradise a light police mystery set in the fictional town of Saint Marie in the Caribbean.

Sunday I was able to keep my routine and have brunch at my bestie Pam's house. I have been having Easter brunch at her house for years. Then I drove home and once again did not go to yoga. It's all good. There are no yoga police and I went last night.

The moral of the story is that there are times when going against the plan is the better plan.

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