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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Flying almost there

I did not enjoy my backyard at my previous house. I have no real reason why. I made a few attempts and none of them 'took'. So I rarely went out there. I am doing things differently with this house. Friday a friend and I went hunting at thrift stores and estate sales for lawn furniture. We were mildly successful. A trip to Ace Hardware, World Market and Big Lots rounded out my purchases. Well, almost.

This weekend I was able to sit outside. I actually ate breakfast outside. The umbrella works just fine. And who would complain when one only paid $29.00 for it brand new? I read for a few hours. Then I decided to grill. I gave my gas grill away in SC and have not committed to buying a new one just yet. I am thinking of getting a charcoal one in case I do not use it just like I rarely used my gas one. So in the meantime this weekend I went to Publix and purchased a disposable one. Actually I purchased two at just under $4 each. And I grilled four wonderfully seasoned turkey burgers.

As I sat outside I looked around and decided that I should do something else. I want an oasis. Okay, an oasis on a budget. I want to have my friends sitting in my backyard sipping wine listening to music and eating. I have lots of thoughts and looked at lots of pictures. I need to do this because I want to do it. I need to thrive instead of merely surviving. Plus if done the right way it will add value to my house. More importantly it will make my backyard an outdoor living room. And that is what I want. Now how much of that I can afford remains to be seen.

The goal is to have something more than what I have now in place by my birthday. Something simple yet elegant. And at some point there will be a fire pit. That is the plan. After all we all need a safe place to land.

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