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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Flying with permission

David Everett Strickler

This holiday season I am giving myself permission to not be frantic over not finding the 'perfect' anything. Not the perfect dress, shoes, food, purse, time to leave, card, or even gift. I am just not going to do it. I am relying on my instincts to guide me. I will not second guess myself. I will not question whether or not someone will like something. If something is unliked, regift it or something. Not my issue. I did my best and now it is up to the receiver to receive.

It's not that I am not going to do my best. I am and I have. I am just not going to drive myself crazy (okay, crazier than I already am). I am going to be kinder and gentler to me right now. The way I should have been to myself all year.

I am almost done with my Christmas shopping. I have one more gift to find. I will brave the mall. I am not a mall person, but since moving the mall is the place. For right now anyway.

Truth be told I am a little bit on edge about the gift I bought my secret Santa. But it has been delivered and I gave her what she asked for, something local. Okay, now that I put that out there I am going to relax. She can hate it if she wants to. I wouldn't hate it. Anyway, I have just derailed myself. See how easy that happened?

Back on track. One present to go. I will pick something spectacular. Maybe shoes, maybe jewelry, or maybe...Honestly I am just going to look in windows and hope something jumps out at me. Something that I can afford. It's just one gift out of many that I have given this person. It will be fine. And it isn't Christmas eve so I have a bit more time. Right?