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Monday, December 12, 2016

Flying with equality

Lately there has been so much in the news and on social media about racism. In Charleston two high profile cases were in court. One did not end the way most of us had hoped and the other...well let's just say it won't be easy regardless of the outcome. The recent election has made me question the motives of people in my circle. I had not stopped being friends with anyone, I have just been a lot more cautious around people who never gave me pause before. And I am sure the same can be said about me. There may be people who question my morals and values.

Anyway, I have done my best not to allow any of that to color (no pun intended) my outlook of the world. I have never only had one type of friend. I have been blessed to have an amazingly diverse group. And as silly as it seems Sunday night one of those friends texted me that she was wearing 'our dress' to work. So I replied that I would, too. I did not have to wear 'our dress'. But I was trying to figure out what to wear and she solved my problem. Plus I don't mind wearing the same dress to work at the same time. We have similar tastes and wear the same size. I told her to wear black ankle boots, but you can see she did not.

It was interesting to see how many people realized we were dressed alike. We do not work in the same department so we are not together much. It was a fun thing to do. Neither one of us thought about anything other wearing the dress. We were not trying to send any message. We are friends, plain and simple. And since we bought that dress last year, I think it is time we buy a new one. And yes we will wear them at the same time. It makes us smile and others get a chuckle as well.