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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Flying with Brenda Smith

Vinh Pham
Temporary states. I hear it that some are growing tired of waiting on those blessings to manifest. You have to realize that you are in a holding pattern. My office is moving to a different area in the same building. The space was originally leased to us, but before we could occupy that space the other tenants had to move out. We were able to move into a temporary space on another floor.

Now....over the weekend our original space was made available, ready, occupy. Now we are moving into our original space. It was not that the space was not ours. It belonged to us. They were not interested in keeping it...but because of circumstances the space that they were moving to got delayed. Saints....those blessings may be delayed, but they will not be denied. 

You have to wait. You do not know what is holding it up....but I know God promised it to you and He will always do what He said He would in His Word. Two offices could not occupy the same space at the same time.

God will give you your blessings when it is time to receive it. Ask yourself? Am I the one blocking my blessing??


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