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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Flying without the bracelet

It has been a few days since my last post. You can thank Hurricane Matthew for that. Well, maybe not all of that. I have been a bit busy. I have no complaints. I sold my house in South Carolina so I did not have to think about damage during the storm. I have not closed on my house in Georgia so again I did not have to think about damage during the storm. During most of the storm I was in Chicago to run the marathon so I was far away. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who suffered and still suffer from the storm.

When I discovered I lost my What if you fly? bracelet I was upset. When things seemed at their darkest I just looked down at my wrist and read those words over and over and over. I even got up several times at night to read them. I often just touched it. Just knowing it was there seemed to change my attitude for the better.

I am no longer sad due its disappearance. I have sold and bought a house, I have paid off a significant amount of debt (more to follow), I completed the Chicago marathon, I passed my Road Runners Club of America Run Coach Certification exam, I have no hurricane damage, I am healthy, and I have amazing friends. I think I am flying. No, I am flying.

Yes, I miss my bracelet and one day I hope to get another one. But for right now I take comfort in imagining that the bracelet is on the arm of someone who really really really needs it. I hope it helps her as much as it helped me.