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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Flying way too fast

Flat Doretha pre-race
What had happened was I bought the Groupon for the Rock n' Roll Raleigh 5K and half marathon but never actually registered. so in essence I spent my money to get a ridiculous discount. Good, right? And then I never went back to the site to register for the races that I got at the ridiculous discount. Not so good, right?

And of course I do not discover my error until I am in the car and am just outside of Raleigh. Not sure what will happen next. The online race registration was over the week before. Due to a midmorning meeting we do not even get on the road until 3:30pm and do not even make it to the expo. So I cannot even begin to fix my snafu until the next morning and the 5K race is in the morning. After posting my issue on Facebook I am advised to post it on the race page. And I do. Someone responds quickly to say that all I need to do is to take my Groupon code to the race the next morning and all should be well. I am relieved.

Wendy and I with our medals post-race

I am not relieved when it is in the very, very, very low 30s the next morning. I am trying to rationalize running a 5K in the freezing weather. Or in my case attempting to run it because I have not yet resolved my issue. I am thinking that I can get dressed to run and if all else fails I can cheer for Wendy. She, decides that it is too cold and we both snuggled a bit farther under the covers.

My plan is to get to the expo as soon as it opens and plead my case. I do both. It turns out that I am among the many who did not register for the race. All I had to do was register at the expo using my Groupon code and I got  a race bib and all of the stuff that goes with it. Yippee!

And as it turned out I ran a much better race than last weekend. We tried Wendy's pacing technique and came out 2 minutes ahead of planned. My knee did hurt at mile 10. There were a lot of hills. My feet were frozen until about mile 5. We got it done.

I learned a lesson. I need be more thorough in my follow through.  I need to think about what I am doing. I need to look at my calendar. I need to stop scheduling so much stuff. And perhaps I need more adult supervision. So from now until further notice will someone please take away my PhD card or tell me to slow the hell down? Thanks in advance.