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Monday, April 13, 2015

Flying with blurry eyes

It is allergy season. I got them bad. I have had my contacts out more than in. One time while driving back from Savannah I had to pull over and take them out right then and there. Fortunately I got them out without sending one under my eyelid. It wasn't the best of circumstances but I had to get them out.

Grzegorz Mleczek

And then I proceeded to rub my eyes like crazy. Big mistake. I rubbed them so hard that I drew blood.  Not from my eye balls but my eyelids. I have scabs on both of my lids. And yes I know that the skin around my eyes is very tender. And now I have actually proved it.

Yes, this is random. But I am only human. I cannot blame the irritation on my eyeliner this time. I can only blame it on me. I knew not to rub my eyes. But I could not stop myself. I had to stop the itching. And for some crazy reason searing pain seemed a better alternative.

I probably do that more than I realize. Choose the more painful option instead of just riding out the ordinary uncomfortableness. Maybe because there are times when any action seems preferable to no action. Actually I think that is most of the time in my life. And that is probably why I go in circles a lot.


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