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Friday, April 10, 2015

Flying in circles

Len dela Cruz

I feel like I am flying around in circles. I forge ahead thinking that I ma making progress and somehow someway I look up and I am back where I started. I guess that is so much better than moving backward. I guess, but there are times I am not so sure. And there are times when I should probably just sit down. Just stop moving and just sit down.  But what if I sit down too long? As if that were even possible. But what if?

Perhaps I should stop focusing on where I am and be appreciative and cognizant of where I have been. I should celebrate any and all victories no matter how small. I should celebrate every day while thanking God for everything even before my blessings flow.

I know this. I have said that many times to other people. So why don't I listen to myself? Why don't I cut myself some slack when I feel like I am circling for the tenth time? Why can't I enjoy the view? Why do I think I am supposed to be somewhere somewhere else doing something something else?

Aren't we all exactly where we are supposed to be? Aren't there lessons to be learned at every juncture? Do we always learn them the first time? Doesn't circling afford us the chance to get it right the next time? Doesn't circling offer us a different view? Or does it just make us dizzy?

I am not really sure. I just know that I should start enjoying the view because I don't think I will stop circling anytime soon.