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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Flying with my imagination

Calvin Chin

Have you ever let your imagination gee the best of you? The other day I did. I got a call from my doctor. She simply said, "please call me back." I did. I left a message and heard nothing. Since it was over a month since my appointment I figured it was just a courtesy call. Yes, she does call from time to time to check up on me.

To be honest with you, I forgot about the call. I forgot until I checked my mail and there was a letter addressed to me from her saying "please call me to discuss your lab results". That led to instant anxiety. And I mean the super duper kind.

I called her office and left yet another message. Within the hour I got a call back. Again instant anxiety of the super duper kind. It wasn't my doctor, it was another nurse telling me that my doctor wanted me to remain on the medication until my next appointment. Oops! I did not take the medication. I did not think it was important. So the nurse called it in. She said my lab results were 'unsuccessful' which does NOT translate to abnormal. Deflate the super duper anxiety. I have to go back next month. And you bet your last dollar that I am on the medication. I picked it up today. Lesson learned.

So for the rest of the day and maybe the week, my imagination is on vacation. A much needed one along with my super duper anxiety. I am sure the new results will be fine. If not, my doctor would have rushed me in to her office today or after the first phone call. This is preventative and I am thankful for that.