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Monday, January 12, 2015

Flying with no resolutions

I am not making any New Year's Resolutions this year. I am simply going to do better than I did last year. I will try not to make the same mistake three times because I know I will make it more than once. I will also not buy food that I know I will end up throwing away. Or things that I think I may not use/wear.

Sebastian Boguszewicz

In other words be more mindful of my decisions. That includes how I spend my time. I will no longer be in places where I do not wish to be out of some sense of loyalty. I will be quick to say no if it will cause me undue financial distress if even until the next payday.

These are not resolutions, these are lifestyle changes. Changes that will enable me to reduce a lot of stress. And who doesn't need that?

Here's to a much less stressed year. And I am not even freaking out that I did not publish this on the first of the year. I call that progress!

If I were making resolutions, this would definitely be one of them.

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