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Friday, January 9, 2015

Flying with miles

I reached my mileage goal of 1214 for 2014 in November. Of course I did not stop running in December and my final total was 1,381. I could have stopped or at least eased up in December but I did not. I had managed to run at least 100 miles a month and wanted to do the same in December even though I had told myself that I had reached my goal so it really did not matter. 

I said that but everyday I was plotting strategy to make it happen. I ended up running five miles twice a day for two days. It was tough, but well worth the effort. My friends, family, and even strangers came out to assist me in my effort. Gotta love the power of Facebook. 

The other beautiful thing that happened was that my father told people that I ran about 5,000 miles last year! It was awesome that he thought that was even possible. 

Jens Mayer

Reaching my mileage goal was a great accomplishment. I put many miles on the pavement with many people and left many problems, concerns, and issues out there. I even shed a few tears. And yet I still got it done. Even when it looked doubtful I somehow managed to get it done and I have many to thank for that. And it was not always pretty.

1,381 is a lot of miles and I am happy that I was able to run that many. According to Daily Mile since I have been a member, I have burned 2,267 donuts, burned 119 pounds, and powered 5,316 televisions.