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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Flying on tax day

Today is the day that my taxes are due. For the second year in a roll, I owe. I was counting on a little back so that I could do something fun. Oh well, that will have to wait until next year or if I win the lottery. And yes, I am playing because I have to play to win. I have no illusions. I will probably never win so I am still working hard and trying to find alternative sources of income because my student loans will never go away.

At least I have a job. Yes, It sucks that I get penalized for using my 401(K). Would it have been better for me to go on food stamps or some other sort of public assistance? I don't think so, but honestly I did not investigate that route. Maybe I should have. No, not really. But maybe I will do things differently if I am ever in that position again and those decisions do not include the lottery.

At least I can think. I can dream. And I can hope. Hopefully next year I will have a little something back to do something fun. 

Thinking is one thing no one has been able to tax. 
Charles Kettering

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