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Friday, March 7, 2014

Flying with Thursday's Word-Face by Brenda Smith

We are past Thursday. Still sharing the word.

Thursday's Word 

DEFINED:  To acknowledge or admit. Face-up-to the facts.
SCRIPTURE:  “Take a good look…at what you were when you got called.” (I Cor 1:26)
LET'S FACE IT! You and I did not look so wonderful before God turned our lives around. Many were headed down roads of terror and despair because of foolish things we were doing. Some had gotten to the place where we did not even recognize ourselves when we glanced in the mirror. But, when Jesus looked our way and took an interest in who we were and started to give us direction in bringing us out of the world....everything changed! When Jesus looks at us, he already sees the finished product. If you are hungry, he sees you fed. If you are sick, he sees you healed. If you are without a friend, he will send you a friend. If you are blind, he sees you with sight. Jesus does not look past us, as some people can do. Jesus looks inside of us to see where we are truly hurting; then he takes the time to heal us of whatever is ailing us. I pray that as you look in your mirrors on tonight or early in the morning that you see a person of value. That is what God sees and had he not, he never would have taken the time to purchase us with his Son's blood. YOU are valuable and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. "Take a good what you were when you got called." ((I Cor 1:26)) are a Child of the King!!! "But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty, ((I Cor 1:27)).
Whatever, you are facing today, know that Jesus has already been there. He has already looked into your tomorrow and knows your future. He has seen you overcome it all !!   Let us give praise, glory, and honor to our Savior today.  Let us continue to pray! pray! pray! for one another and our needs as well. God is ready, willing and able to take care of everything that touches our lives. The small and even the insignificant things that you think he just does not have time to even care about.  If it touches you, it touches him. The woman with the issue of blood can rightly tell you that only a touch of the hem of his garment was all she needed to be made whole. You are valuable and you are loved.
May our Great God continue to bless you is my prayer.
Brenda Smith


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