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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Flying with unexpected blessings

I will admit it. I had a mini-meltdown. Okay, maybe it was bigger than mini. I did not even try to hide it this time. I was upset. I was getting my things together for my usual 10 mile run when I could not find the belt to my water bottle. I looked all over the house. I looked in my car. I looked in the refrigerator. Yes, the refrigerator because that is where the bottle was. I did not find it. I have run one 10 miler without water and it was disastrous.

I did not sleep well that night. Yes because of the water bottle, but for other reasons as well. Anyway, we hit the pavement at 9am instead of our usual 5 or 6am. I will still upset about not having a water bottle.

Blessing #1: my running partner also did not get any sleep and wanted to push the run back to 8am and I said 9am. So we both got to stay in bed a bit longer.

Blessing #2: we saw our friend Annette on her bike. Hugs all around.

Blessing #3: the volunteers at the water stations for the bike race allowed us to eat and drink. I had a half of banana with peanut butter, a cup of Gatorade, and a couple of pretzels. So no water bottle was needed. My bad mood was for nothing.

Blessing #4: we saw tons of dolphins.

Blessing #5: after we had passed the water station one of the volunteers pulled his car over and gave us protein bars.

What started out awful turned into a great morning. I could not have planned it any better. We ended it with breakfast including mimosas. Then I promptly bought a new water bottle and belt because you have to buy them together. Not too happy about that, but I will be ready for my run on Sunday.

God will not permit any troubles to come upon us, unless He has a specific plan by which great blessings can come out of the difficulty. 

Peter Marshall

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