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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Flying in the new year

I will admit that last year was probably the most challenging year of my life. Or at least one of the most challenging. It is funny how memories fade and some of the things that seemed very daunting in the morning are distant memories later on in the week. And often forgotten midyear. This is just how life works. 

This year I promise to honor myself much more. I will only participate in the activities that feed my soul. I will say no even if I cannot articulate a reason not to do something. I will listen to my spirit. I will listen to the answers to my prayers. I will be more present in my own life and not get caught up in the drama of others. I will allow myself to step further out in faith and to fail graciously.

I will be a better friend to some and cut ties with others. No explanations required. And I expect others to do the same with me. Again, no explanations required. We all must make room for the thing we want more of.
Let's use the this first week of the year to build a foundation of positivity. Banish negative thoughts early and often. Do a little bit every day until it becomes second nature.

Don't water your weeds.

Harvey MacKay

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