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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Flying with gingerbread houses

Every year I am blessed to go with my friend Pam to help a group of special needs students decorate gingerbread houses.She makes all of the gingerbread. These students then take the houses to the Ronald McDonald house. It is their community project. 

I learn so much from the students. Today I was at the table with all boys. They were more interested in eating the candy than putting it on the house. They were also more interested in telling mama jokes (nice ones, of course) and discussing why they were too big to sit on Santa's lap this year.

 It took some coaxing, but I got them to finally cover the entire house with M&Ms and Skittles. Of course I also had to explain how the icing was made and why it stuck to the house like glue.

I enjoy this activity every year. It is also rewarding to watch the students' faces light up when we walk in the room. It is bittersweet when certain students are no longer there even if it is because they have moved on to a different school.

After the houses are decorated, the students are given individual gingerbread cookies which they can decorate and eat. And they love that. Candy is stacked so high that it takes an act of contortion for them to get the cookies into their mouths. I am sure a few of them will be bouncing off of walls due to the sugar overload.  

All in all there are three beautiful gingerbread houses ready to delight the families at the Ronald McDonald House. I am not sure if all of the students are award of where the houses go, but that just makes this activity that much more special. Yes, I will be back next year.

Well, your greatest joy definitely comes from doing something for another, especially when it is done with no thought of something in return. 

                  John Wooden


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