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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Flying believing

Awhile back during a rough time, my sistergirlfriend Linda gave me a teal and white bracelet that simply had the word believe on it. I wear it all of the time. 

Last Monday I wore it while running the bridge. I noticed it was not on my arm as I was stepping in the shower. I thought it had come off in my shirt sleeve so I was not particularly upset. I knew I would find it eventually probably in the washing machine.

Wednesday morning at 5am I was at the bridge to run with some friends. In the parking lot there was my bracelet. It was just waiting for me. It was not in my shirt sleeve. It would not have been found in my washing machine. It had been outside for two and a half days. Amazing. Especially since I did not even know it was really lost. 

Had I discovered that it was not in my house, I would have probably cried. I would have thought it was lost forever and to find it would have been impossible. 

Impossible is a word to be found in the dictionary of fools. 

Nathaniel Bonaporte

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