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Friday, November 22, 2013

Flying while mended, a re-post

I have a favorite sweater and I discovered that it had a hole in it. Of course I cannot remember how it got that way. I resisted the temptation to throw it away, but every time I looked at it, touched it I became distressed. Last week I took it out of the drawer and moved it closer to the trash.

Just by chance I showed it to my sistergirlfriend Linda who was visiting me for a week. In less than five minutes she mended it. Not only did she mend it, it is difficult to tell that it was damaged in the first place.

Do you have things in your life that you have given up on that could be saved with a little mending? Maybe a relationship, a shoe, a purse, your life? Some things can be fixed and sometimes they are just as good as before. Look before you trash and remember one woman's trash is another woman's treasure.