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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Flying scattered

Lately I have felt incredibly scattered. I have been doing quite a bit of hibernating, well as much hibernating as one can do while eating miles for breakfast, getting back into the pool, teaching four college classes, and juggling a bit or consulting work. Yet, I find time to hide away. I just cannot explain what is going on and I guess that is the beauty of it, I do not have to explain it. My birthday is coming up soon and maybe that is part of all of this. I am not afraid of my age, after all I am the self-proclaimed spokesperson for the 50+ and fabulous. 
I need not worry. I know this and am trying very hard to not to panic. Thank you Jesena for sharing this.
"You have to have a deep inner trust, a confidence down in your heart that says, “I know God has a great plan for my life. I know He is directing my steps. And even though I may not understand this, I know it’s not a surprise to God. Somehow, someway, He will work it out to my advantage.” 

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