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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Flying thinking wrong

This week is a treat for us. Brenda Smith will be guest blogging for me. So, I will be sitting back with my feet up enjoying the blog just like you.

KINDNESS FOR WEAKNESS: Please do not allow people to take your kindness as a form of weakness. I am a kind person with a good-heart. But, do not mistake that for something you can use to walk over me. I have not always been "Overjoyed" and filled with the right spirit (The Holy Spirit). God has left just enough 'street' in me that when I have to...I can still sweep. I have a broom, I just choose not to use it for any other purpose than to teach you how to clean up your house and get it ready for the return of Jesus Christ. For when I am weak, is truly when God is strong!! I AM GODSTRONG!!!!

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