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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Flying with Cookie and her adventure at the Stephen Colbert Rally

Friday I went to the Stephen Colbert Rally at the College of Charleston. It was a beautiful day and I managed to get really close to the stage.
I ending up standing next to a reporter from the Washington Post...
Also standing in the same area was a nicely dressed older white guy wearing a polo shirt with the name of a sailing company logo on it. 
He leaned over and asked me, ...if I was with the choir?
Really?!? I would love  to believe that I look much younger than my 52 years, but even I am not so deluded or vain  to believe I look as young as I did in college.
He then said, "..Well I bet you are a great Gospel singer, and you could be up there."
The poor reporter lady looked shocked. I just shook my head and said, "No I do not sing, even in church."
He moved off and said, "see you at the polls in the morning!"
The reporter said, "You must be so insulted!"
I said, " I live in South Carolina, people say stupid crap like this to me all the time."
Moments later an older white woman came up to me and asked me, (still in front of this reporter, Thank GOD, because many of my friends here, do not believe  that this kind of thing gets said to me...)  "Excuse me, honey, we came down from Greenville, where can we get some good soul food and fried chicken?'
Ok forgive me God for lying, but I said,
" I have no earthly idea, I am a vegan."
The poor reporter almost dropped her note pad... She said she would not have believed it, if she had not been standing here. 
Please NOTE: This is how I know there is a God and that Jesus lives Big in me... I prayed, "Lord, if you love me shut my mouth..." I did not rip either of these dumb-bunnies a new one. 
Other than that, it was great seeing Stephen Colbert. He really has a lovely singing voice. And it was very sad/funny seeing Herman Cain... who does not have a great singing voice.
It was clear to Ms Henneberger that lots of people at this rally did not get the joke...

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