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Friday, June 26, 2009

Flying in our own way

I just got a message from a dear sistergirlfriend who has been graciously taking her house guest to see all of the sites in her state. While I think that is very generous of her, I am concerned that she is using the visit as an excuse NOT to accomplish her THING. We have all done it. Okay, let me speak for myself, I have done it.

I have allowed something ELSE to stunt my progress. I have let others assist me in my procrastination (as if I needed help wasting time). Yes, I was fully aware of what I was doing, but I had a good reason. No, what I had was an excuse. In the Army I was taught that the effectiveness of an excuse is ZERO! That holds true in the civilian world as well. Excuses get you NOWHERE and fast.

I kindly told my dear sistergirlfriend to set boundaries for herself and others so that she did not completely get off track. Maybe she isn't off track. I am not there to see, but I fear that her goal of 15 minutes has faded into the sunset.

I know that it isn't too late to recover. She can never get the time back, but she can pull many all-nighters to gain ground. It just takes determination and desire, both of which she has. Besides, we all need an escape from reality from time to time. The key is to come back.

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