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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Flying without the 'net

My computer was broken for almost two weeks.... I was having fits!
I was thinking, I am all alone, no one can get in touch with me..... I have to check my email, how will I read the NY Times and Washington Post?
Now let me note here, I was not kidnapped and taken to a remote island in the Pacific Ocean...
I was still at my safe and wonderful little house, fine, just without my computer...
I freaked out...
I had to talk myself down. My computer is just a tool.
One that I did not own 12 years ago.

I have become so addicted to the net that I felt like a fish out of water...
I could not write this blog, I had to write my personal journal on, get this, pieces of paper!
I did go to the library a couple of times to check my email, I felt too exposed to write a lot of replies...
I felt like I had lost a friend. My beloved friend Sam, who was fixing my machine, was sweet and patient with me. I was probably not as much with him...

Well, to break the spell of hell I had put myself in, while at out great library, I rented some movies and read the Times and The Post... I have not watched many movies lately and I saw one that was really good. SHOPGIRL by Steve Martin. It is a great sort of love story where the girl has a great deal of emotional growth and realized she does not need a man to make her life complete.
I guess that is always a good lesson to have reinforced.

I started thinking, well, maybe I do not need a computer, either.
Sam showed up the other day with my fixed computer, (Yeah! Sam!!!) and I realized I was wrong... *smile* I love this means of communication.
And yes perhaps I am a little addicted.

Have a great day, send some emails!

Aim High!

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doretha said...

Welcome back!