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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Flying in faith

Has your faith been tested lately? Have you done all of the right things and watched someone else get the job, the house, the husband, or something else? I have many, many times. And though I try in earnest to wish the recipient well, in the back of my mind there are times when a tiny voice says "What about me? When is it my turn?"

One of my favorite Bible verses is Hebrews 11:1. I have put it here in two versions.

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

This verse reminds me to keep on keeping on (as my Dad always says) and to keep flying as this blog reminds me to do. It is not always easy, but I cannot stop now.


kristine said...

I felt it was so appropriate to maek a comment to this blog post. I lied on the phone to the person who created this blog and said that all was going well in my life, well it's not. My faith was tested today more than I can ever remember. I have faith, yet all those questions you pointed out about why does everyone else have... Well the truth of the matter is I have all they do and more because of my faith. I read a book once that said we are all Angels that have human moments. We are angels here to live our lives and remember where we came from and that we are made in the image of that same faith.

Someone brought out an extreme emotion in me today. I was so overtaken with this emotion that I asked God to take this for me and allow me to have peace so that I may learn what it is I have to learn from this experience. Believe it or not, the tears and the anger left my body just as fast as it came. Ask and you shall recieve, well, it really works.

So it's ok to have human moments, but the faith lies in that which we know we still need to get up and keep going to fulfill our purpose here (whatever that is for everyone).

I felt so bad today that I got out a symbol of what I hold dearly to my heart when I feel badly. It is a gold charm of a dove dangling from an old pocket watch chain of my grandfather's (whom I have never met because he died before my birth). This dove was my mom's and because she is no longer here on this earth it helps to remind me to keep the faith, as the dove is a symbol of the holy spirit and of faith. How ironic it flies. Or is it??

Here is my horoscope for today. It was so perfect and I never read them, so that in itself is ironic. I once told my friend that I everytime I ask for a sign or a message from God that I want it written in the clouds, and, by the way, I want it in English and print because I'm feeling a bit stupid today and want it spelled out for me, not a cryptic message. Well , I got one of those messages, except it wasn't in the clouds but in my email (he he, God sends emails, he he). So the jist of it is I need to detach from the outcomes of anything I would like to focus my attention on and would like to recieve.
Saturday, Jul 19th, 2008 -- You may have high hopes about undertaking a creative project today. Or, if you are involved with competitive sports, you may have an overly optimistic view of your team's potential to win. No matter how this inflated sense of self plays out in your life now, don't get too fixated on the results. Instead, just enjoy the process of play.

Hope this helps you, because we are not alone. Not ever!! We have all the angels on our side!

doretha said...

Kristine, I am so glad you found peace in the midst of your situation. I do not usually find it as quickly as you did. Perhaps it is because I have yet to master the LET GO-LET GOD technique. For whatever reason, there are times that I feel I must power through things on my own. Yes, it is a waste of time and one day I will break the cycle at some point. That time just might be when I am too worn out to fight!

I am not very good at detaching from the outcomes. I will work on that one. I want to know what can happen. I will try to do that with my THING. Tht act just might keep me from beng disappointed. I have done all that I could to reach my desired outcome. What happens next is truly out of my span of control. I cannot worry and fret about it. I must continue on.