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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Flying in El Rio Debajo El Rio: The river beneath the river, part 4

taken from Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés' Battlescars: women’s souls cannot be killed

One can silence another’s words, but cannot ever kill the Soul

Throughout history, despots and despicables, the purposefully blind and the crony protectionists -- male and female both -- have had to learn the same harsh lesson over and over. That is, no matter how many women they cause to be killed, exiled, slandered, evicted, demeaned, or diminished by innuendo, by omission or commission, there will still be thousands waiting to take the place of any who have been shamed or harmed in spirit, soul or body. When any woman of good intent and true inspirare is punished or penalized -- no matter if one living vessel or 100 living vessels are harmed and silenced -- there will still be thousands and millions more living vessels of great capacity waiting to take their sisters’ place.

The supply of souls on earth to go up against the minority of those who would attempt to quash direct and humane instruction from a Source greater is legion.

Think of all the women who have flown before us. We have the choice to follow their lead, if we do not there will be others, but how magnificent would it be if we all joined forces and moved together, not apart? What are the causes that move your spirit? One of mine is breast cancer research. So, I generally go out of my way to stand with many in that battle. Yes, I have the pink ribblon magenet on my car. But that is not all I do. It does not matter what calls your spirit to arms. Whatever it is, just don't sit there, do something to help in the charge to victory.


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