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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Flying fully present

Dear Friends, i invite you to try this sometime soon.

When you are fully present and awake in the truth of life, you are in a state of innocence. You exist in a state of not knowing. At the very deepest level, it is as if you are seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching everything for the very first time.
Try smelling the fragrance of a flower as if you are experiencing it for the very first time.

Try eating just one mouthful of your next meal in full presence.

Try walking through your garden, being fully present with each flowerand each tree.

Try being fully present with your children or your friends even if it isjust for a few moments.

You will begin to feel the difference between life lived in the mind and life lived in the joyful reality of the present moment.

I know that you cannot live in the world like this all of the time. But to spend some of your time each day in a state of innocence and presence will open you up to a heightened awareness of the sacredness of all life.
This in turn will transform you.

You will begin to remember who you are.

You will begin to have a taste of Heaven on Earth.

Aiming High with full awareness,


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