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Friday, June 27, 2008

Flying while quiet

Today is one of those days when nothing is happening. I should be grateful. There is nothing wrong and nothing especially exciting. I am in the quiet zone. This could be the quiet before the storm. But it could also be the nothing that is supposed happen before my THING comes and I am completely amazed. Whatever it is, it is not causing me to be anxious, sad, or angry. It is allowing me to just be. I do not get (or perhaps, the word is take) the opportunity to just be very often. But right here and right now there is nothing that I absolutely positively have to do. Nothing. Of course there are several things that I could be doing, but those can wait. I am sitting by my fountain letting the sound of the water lull me away. I need to be right where I am. I need to be still. It is scary being here. Probably because this is not where I venture most of the time. Probably because for a very long time I thought if I wasn't doing something, I was wasting time. You can never get time back. But right here and right now, my time is being utilized in a very different way. It is recharging my soul.

Today I challenge you to find a place where you can simply be. You do not have to be there an hour. You just need to be there long enough to recognize the sound of your breathing and to hear the beat of your heart.


doretha said...

To BE or not to BE that is the question. This is the first weekend I have had off in weeks and I chose to be doing some of the things I needed to do, but I also did some of the things I didn't need to, like nothing. I'm sitting on my couch right now enjoying a glass of wine, really enjoying it, and watching my beautiful dog sleep so peacefully next to me. Yes I let my dog on the couch, the bed, just about where ever he wants to lay, but it makes me happy to have this beautiful creature next to me because he just wants to be with me. Dogs live in the moment, in the now. What a beautiful reminder to me to do the same! Thanks Doretha, Thanks Pisgah (my dog).

kristine said...

i didn't do this the right way, imagine that, its me Kristine, eventhough it says doretha.

doretha said...

Funny, I wondered when I got a dog! Thanks for commenting. What kind of wine were you drinking?