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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Flying on my birthday

Today is my birthday! I want to share an amazing gift with you. It came from Cookie. It is exactly what I needed (not that the other gifts I will get aren’t, this is just the very first one I opened. I opened it early, because of the urgency of the situation. My mom won’t be pleased, but I had to open it.) This will make my flying and hopefully yours, much more pleasurable. I don't know where she got it, she may have even wrote it. It doesn't matter. It is the right size, right color, and the right style. Thank you Cookie!

The Gift

Impatience is what you feel when you think the future, in either hours, days, or years, will be "better" than the present.
It won't. Live in the NOW... It is all we have.
Do you know what happens
just before something really incredible takes place? Something mind blowing? Just before a really huge dream comes true?
Do you?
Nothing happens. At least not in the
physical world.
So if, perchance, right now, it appears that absolutely nothing is happening in your life...
consider it a sign.
Expect to be surprised.

From now on, I will accept (or at least make a gallant attempt) my waiting for my THING as a sign of things to come. I will expect to be surprised. I used to say that if good things come to those who wait, all my things have gone to the wrong address or I will have one hell of a Christmas. Now, I am sure my Christmas (and perhaps my birthday) or just one day out of the blue will be just awesome. Thank you, again, Cookie!

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kristine said...

I am sad I didn't know it was your birthday. I LOVE to celebrate birthdays I do believe they are the most important day of the year because they celebrate ourselves and our being here on this earth. You guys need to read the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Milman. The message is there are no ordinary moments! Live, love, laugh, learn!