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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Benevolent Magic. Try it!

Dear Sister friends, I believe in and practice the law of attraction. I will be writing more about it as the time goes on.
I was looking thru my files today and I found this item. Much of the content of this article will seem strange or unbelievable. Try it anyway? Please read with an open mind and please feel free to post a comment, good or bad.
Peace and JOY!

My Use of Benevolent Magic and its Benefits

Tom T. Moore

From your reading and studies, you understand that we are all creators-in-training. We are supposed to be learning how to create from the ground up, with the third dimension as our training ground.

Now we are entering a new phase of learning how to benevolently create events. Robert Shapiro, in his book, The Council of Creators from the Explorer Race series, channels the following:
“ . . . seek out more benevolent experiences for yourself. Seek out more benevolent companions and experiences of benevolence for you and your companion or your family or your people.”

Around six or seven years ago, I started noticing that benevolent outcomes were mentioned in channelings, and Zoosh, through Robert, also recommends we request benevolent outcomes.

I decided to try it out and started to say out loud that I requested a benevolent outcome for almost every physical event that was occurring in my life. Amazingly, everything that happened turned out for the best—including those difficult lessons in life that we have contracted to experience. So before we go too far, I would like for you to say out loud (you can whisper if it would disturb someone or bring unwanted attention),
“I request the most benevolent outcome from reading this article.”

Did you say it? Humor me, and give it a try.

Now that you have, does this sound a little “weird” or “funny”? We’ll discuss that later. And I will include a discussion I had with Speaks of Many Truths and his teacher, Reveals the Mysteries, Native American shamans channeled by Robert, to better understand how this works.

Using Metaphysical Tools.

The title of this article mentioned a tool for your toolbox. I discovered that there are a number of metaphysical tools available to help us through these Earth lives. You just have to make use of them. Here is an example. Back in 1968, I was operating a ski club for single adults as a business. One day an astrologer predicted on the front page of the local newspaper that the Dallas Cowboys would not make it to the Superbowl that year, but would go the following year. At the end of the American football season, the astrologer was proven correct. I booked three hundred airline seats to Miami one year in advance and became the first tour operator in Dallas to ever run a trip to the Superbowl for Dallas fans. I started scheduling all of my ski club meetings and parties to coincide with benevolent (there’s that word again) astrological aspects.

This was highly successful. The club grew to be the largest in the region, and many couples met and eventually married. I also had to open a travel agency, and it eventually became one of the largest wholesale tour companies in the Southwestern U.S., selling tours through three thousand travel agents nationwide. This success inspired me to search out other metaphysical tools to use. Numerology is one of them. If you haven’t done so, buy a book and figure out your own charts. It will contribute to understanding who you are. I began recording my dreams in a dream journal on a daily basis in 1979. Recording dreams each morning has been a major tool in my toolbox. Over the years, I have recorded thousands of dreams, many of them precognitive. My dreams also guided me to change careers. It’s the closest you will get in this life to your immortal self, and I highly recommend it.

(note from Cookie: If you need a dream journal that is so helpful and beautiful please purchase one from my friend Justina Lasley.

The newest metaphysical tool I use is the 26-second meditation, channeled from the Group by Steve Rother in his book,
Re-Member—A Handbook for Human Evolution.

You begin each day sitting in silence with both thumbs touching the middle and ring fingers of your hands. Allow a few seconds to strengthen the connection. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Then visualize the most beneficial events that could happen to you during the day, with Spirit as your partner opening the doors ahead of you. I used this for the first time recently while preparing for a TV market. With just over two weeks to go, I had only forty appointments. I started visualizing receiving four or five new appointments per day. It happened! Then I visualized going to market with one hundred appointments. When I left for the market, I had over one hundred appointments! Experiment with using this for a few days. Imagine all the lights being green as you drive to and from work. This is a very powerful tool for your toolbox!

"Better Than The “Parking Angel.”

This brings us to benevolent outcomes. This tool will allow you to learn and experiment with co-creation while on the physical level. It will give you immediate feedback—which is very important, since we are never sure whether we are really manifesting something or not.
Here’s an easy-to-do exercise.
Let’s say you're going to a shopping center or a restaurant or a movie theater at a location where it is typically hard to find a parking space.
Well before you arrive you say,
“I request a most benevolent outcome for finding a parking space near . . ..”

Now, I have had some friends say, “But Tom, I already use my ‘parking angel.’”

Here is why I think requesting a benevolent outcome is better.
If you just request the nearest parking space, your angel or guide will comply, but that might not be the most benevolent place to have your car parked. Someone could open a car door too hard and ding the side of your car or someone might back into your car and dent it. By parking too close to where you want to go, you might miss that old friend of yours you haven’t seen in ages or a sale you would not have known about if you had not walked past it on the way to your destination.
But benevolent outcomes work perfectly!

Recently, on a visit back to Sedona, we drove with our friends to the “uptown” section for Mexican food.
For those of you who have visited Sedona, you know that the parking there can be quite problematic because of the many gift shops and restaurants. I requested a most benevolent outcome when we left the hotel. Every single parking space on both sides of the street was taken until we reached the restaurant. There, right at the front entrance, was “our” parking space. Again, this was immediate feedback we were creating! Clara in Seattle emailed me that the first time she tried it was when she went to pick up her grandson on a hot summer day. She knew she would have to wait for him and hoped to get a space up close. When she arrived, the only space available was on the last row, but it was in the shade! It made a believer out of Clara, who says she now uses it for everything and it has never failed her. Two of our friends, Joy and Bob, recently drove to Las Vegas from Dallas. They requested a most benevolent outcome for their drive, hotel and parking. Each time they passed a police radar speed trap, they were behind trucks and other traffic that had slowed them down. In Las Vegas, they were given exactly the floor of the hotel they wanted and a view of the Strip. And they found the perfect parking space where their car would not get dinged.

Problem Solving And Winning

Joy and Bob just purchased a home in the country. Every time they closed on a house in the past, they experienced problems at the closing—mistakes in the paperwork and so on. This time they requested a most benevolent outcome for the closing and sailed through the process with no problems.

My son, two friends and I flew to Salt Lake City, Utah, and camped all the way up to Yellowstone National Park and back. What a wonderful trip! I knew that our flight back to Dallas was oversold, so I volunteered the four of us to be “bumped.” Typically, the airline compensates with free tickets, which I thought we could use the next year. Naturally, I requested a most benevolent outcome. They did not need our seats, but for volunteering they gave us four first class seats. My son, his friend and the friend’s father had never flown first class, so this was the treat of their lives.
The following summer our schedules did not coincide, and we were not able to return—therefore, truly a benevolent outcome! My family and I took a cruise from Houston. My daughter and I played bingo the first day, but other activities kept us from playing again until the last day of the cruise. I had requested a most benevolent outcome the first day, but we did not win anything, and so I requested one again on the last day. The overall pot had not been won during the week, and on the last day they play until someone wins it. I won half of an $8,400 pot, along with a young man who was sitting right next to me. I’m sure people thought he was my son. What synchronicity! It paid for our cruise, as we had already been given 50 percent off, thanks to a benevolent outcome on the same cruise the year before. My son returned from an all-night high-school graduation party with a Sony PlayStation he had won in a drawing. Although it was the second largest prize, it was the one he really wanted. He explained to me that he had requested a benevolent outcome “two times.” Once would have really been enough.

Success In Business

Another couple in our metaphysical group have a very high-end painting contracting business. With the economy in Dallas and the rest of the U.S. in retreat, things have been tough for them. Billy hasn’t gotten “two times.” Once would have really been enough. Recently I requested a most benevolent outcome for my sales trip to a TV market in Budapest, but I added, “. . . and may it produce better results than I expect or hope for.” I was invited to a meeting where a Russian/Ukrainian TV network agreed to become a co-production partner in a movie to be filmed in Siberia; our company will be the worldwide distributor. I flew from Budapest to Athens and requested the same thing. Not only was my business successful there, but my colleague in Athens asked me to help him sell his TV productions on historical Greece.

Synchronous Synergy

Last weekend we drove with our friends to Mena, Arkansas, for the weekend.
I discovered that my van was short on Freeon for the air conditioner. Not having sufficient cooling in the final dog-days of summer in the South can be miserable. The receptionist at the motel told me that finding a place open on Saturday in such a small town might not be possible, but he gave me the name of a tire store to try.
We were there at 7:00 a.m. the next morning, but it would not open until 8:00 a.m. I was drawn to a nearby service station and asked if they knew of a garage to service the air conditioner; a young man who just “happened” to be there suggested a garage several blocks away and recited the phone number. Finding that one closed, we returned to the tire store, and I requested a most benevolent outcome for getting the air conditioner serviced that day. The lady said they didn’t have the right equipment, so I pulled out the telephone number I had kept and asked her to call it. The garage owner answered and said that normally he did not work on Saturday but to come by, as he was repairing a UPS truck we had seen in the driveway. He replenished the Freeon and charged me only one-third of what I would have paid in Dallas. As a side benefit, he showed us his unbelievable collection of old Indian motorcycles, a 1942 Hudson sedan, marbles and toy cars in their original boxes. He had taught automotive repair in a local college for twenty-five years before retiring. Had the lady not telephoned him, he might not have said yes to us.

Benevolent Outcomes Are Benevolent Magic

Does requesting benevolent outcomes sound strange or weird or funny? It does take a little getting used to. Some of my metaphysically oriented friends have slowly adopted using the request, especially as they are seeing more and more positive results. But it has been difficult for others. I can’t help that; I did not invent the words. I just started using what the channeling entities used as part of their language. When I started using this statement, there was very little written about benevolent outcomes. More is now being written, and it seems that we are using benevolent magic. In order to understand how benevolent outcomes work, I “interviewed” the shamans Speaks of Many Truths and his teacher, Reveals the Mysteries, channeled by Robert Shapiro. I will excerpt some of their comments here, in order to clarify how these requests work metaphysically.

What is the definition of benevolent and benevolent outcomes in the spirit world?

Speaks of Many Truths: “It’s not like that in the spirit world. The reason we sometimes say that we are literal when you speak to us is that we are literal to the point of your meaning. Or the other possibility is that we are literal to the point of what is applicable to the situation and even what is safe to tell you.

“The reason I made a point that different beings work with benevolent magic and others with living prayer, for example, is that with benevolent magic, direct connections need to be drawn and requested, which encourages people to do what they might otherwise do in any event. Do you see? But something needs to bring it to their attention so they do whatever it is at a given moment rather than at some other time. That’s very precisely what goes on there. It is not something that operates against anyone’s will or manipulates them in any way.”

Reveals the Mysteries: “You have to remember that the keyword in benevolent magic is magic. The keyword is not Reveals the Mysteries:

“You have to remember that the keyword in benevolent magic is magic. The keyword is not benevolent. Do you understand the difference?” Not exactly. “You can describe magic in different forms, but you’re talking about magic first and benevolent second. But you say benevolent magic, because you want to make it clear that it is magic intended to be benevolent for all beings. This means that you do not wish beings to change against their will or their better interest. But it is ultimately magic, meaning that things change without any apparent effort of will or undue influence. So in that sense, for no reason that you can put your finger on, things change in some benevolent way. “And that’s magic. It is done through various beings functioning in various ways. In benevolent magic, you ask for a very precise thing.” So benevolent magic is magic used for the small things, the small details in our interaction with other people? “Not small. Benevolent magic has to do with specific details and very specific intentions. It is a pinpoint, usually a narrow-ranged thing. You are asking for something specific.”

A Physical Process

A request for benevolent outcomes has to be done physically—either verbally or in writing—as we are in a physical world.
It seems we are communicating at a superconscious level with other higher selves to co-create these requests. These benevolent re-quests are probably only training wheels in our learning to co-create, but it should give all of us a basic understanding of creating benevolent events. You will receive immediate feedback, which will increase your confidence in its use as a tool.
I also like to say “thank you” three times when I receive a benevolent outcome.
It’s just nice to acknowledge the assistance you received.
Keep in mind that you must be willing to accept the benevolent outcomes.

If you request one for a dear person’s recovery from an illness or injury, the benevolent outcome might be that they transition peacefully. If you ask for a benevolent outcome for a job interview and the company chooses someone else, you have to accept that something better is on the way for you. If you have had a number of successes with the more mundane incidents in your life, it will be much easier to accept the outcomes for those major events that come along. Please test this out for yourself. It is a habit created by repetition. You have to consciously think to use it for some time until it becomes natural. But the potential results will mean an easier life for you, your family, your friends and ultimately for all of us. It will certainly contribute to a lowering of your stress level!


Tom Moore is a spiritual man whom I’ve known for some time. He has been able to integrate his spirituality with his personal and business life. Considering the intensity and demands of his life, this is an accomplishment in itself. I highly recommend that you practice those parts of Tom’s article that feel good to you. I’m sure that his suggestions are intended to improve the quality of your life. —Robert Shapiro


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