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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Power of One

The Power of One; a most positive and hopeful expression. For me, it signifies that each of us has the power to make a difference in the world. How uplifting! I recently was inspired by Sam Tennenbaum of Columbia, SC as he shared several examples of his personal witness to the Power of One in his life. His examples were stirring, if not somewhat unsettling. For if we truly believe in the Power of One, how can we remain uninvolved in world events which trouble us? How can we sleep fitfully at night, knowing the issues that beckon us because our individual responses DO make a difference? Oh, to be blissfully unaware and sheltered from responsibility! Perhaps, but I truly wouldn’t wish for the lack of knowledge and understanding that brings the Power of One alive for me.

My daughter recently shared her reason for switching to organic milk. Her change was driven by her collegiate study of Monsanto Corporation’s manufacturing and lobbying for use of the growth hormone rBGH in dairy cows to increase milk production. She said she could no longer buy regular milk and was gradually converting to other organic foods, despite the increased cost burden on her budget. Through her studies and sampling of organic foods, she had learned of the health benefits and genuinely enjoyed the better tasting products. She was criticized by a friend for thinking she could change the world by purchasing the more expensive organic products. Of course she effectively debated her reasons for doing so. On hearing her story, I was most impressed by her awareness of current issues and more importantly, her belief that she has the power to make a difference through her actions. The Power of One. I silently celebrated and gave myself a pat on the back. Somehow, I must have played a small role in her social awareness and need for activism…and her belief in the Power of One. A major victory, in my opinion! And we must bring this awareness to our children and fellow sisters and help them each understand their individual importance in this world and the responsibility it carries. A burden and a gift. The Power of One.

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doretha said...

Thank you for sharing! I love it. The power of one. There are times when we are not aware of our power. It often lies not only in our strength, but also in our frailities. A good friend sent this to me today. I think it is a perfect companion to your thoughts.

By Hafiz

Do you know how beautiful you are?
I think not, my dear.
For as you talk of God,
I see great parades with wildly colorful bands
Streaming from your mind and heart,
Carrying wonderful and secret messages
To every corner of this world.
I see saints bowing in the mountains
Hundreds of miles away
To the wonder of sounds
That break into light
From your most common words.
I wish I could show you,
When you are lonely or in darkness,
The Astonishing Light
Of your own Being!