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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Learn 2 Fly!

This is from my friend who inspired me to start this blog. You will hear her in her own voice shortly.

I believe in order to learn to FLY, we have to learn to turn away from the greedy grab of stuff and we need to do a lot of internal work... We need to seek out information about our own "She-roes" so that we can know our ability to fly has been there inside of us all the time, it was given to us by our Spirit Mothers from the time before time.

Get grateful and appreciate the things in your life NOW. We let the noise of the maddening crowd dim the voices telling us of our power, wisdom and WORTH. Today, recognize you are a pearl of great price. When things look bleak remember that and remember that; "Reality is always kinder than the story we tell ourselves about it..."

In our society, we are continually bombarded by images of all the "stuff" we must acquire to be successful, rich, etc. The truth is most of us don't recognize that success and wealth don't come from the things that we acquire, but from having the right "stuff" inside ourselves.

By expressing gratitude for all of the blessings you have right now, you leave no room for feelings of limitation and lack, because you have shifted your focus to genuine prosperity. Where our thoughts go, so does our energy, so if you feel limited and like you are in need, you will draw more of the same to you. Consciously focusing on all you do have, with respect and humility, allows the richness of life to flow through you, and in its path comes more than you will ever need.

Start a gratitude journal if you don't have one. The goal is to reach 999 things that you are thankful for. Add to the list each day until you reach your goal. Watch your life begin to change after taking on this task. Gratitude journaling is one exercise that can be fun and healing.

Peace, joy, health and well-being can only be found inside us. They exist within us now, waiting to be discovered. Yet we tend to look to the outside world to satisfy our needs and longings. Our outer life reflects back to us the way we think, feel and behave. The outer world is all effects. Go to the source inside for all of life’s treasures. Are you searching for peace and contentment outside of yourself?

My Sisters, the strongest steel goes thru the hottest fire. We are the descendents women of whose lives were sometimes forged in fires hotter than fires of hell.

We are strong.
We must acquire knowledge to remind us of our POWER.
We must help our sister friends see her own worth.
And we must count even the smallest blessing every day.

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