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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Flying with Gratitude

After some serious flying yesterday (the A on my paper and the possibility of getting an A in my class), I went to Sullivan's Island. On the island is a marker that memorializes where the slave ships docked and brought their bounties. The marker erected in the late 1990’s states that Sullivan’s Island is where tens of thousands of slaves came into the United States from 1700 to 1775. It reminds us that the African Americans that are still here are here because of the desire and willingness of their ancestors to overcome personal tragedies. They account for a significant number of African-Americans now living in this country. It has been through tremendous hardships, and constant struggles that these people have carved a position in America. Although this is true of many of the immigrants that came to this country from various parts of the world, the African American’s ancestors were usually brought here as slaves. They did not make the journey to the United States for the sake of a better life. Yet, despite the tragedy of the past, many survived and thrived. That's right, many were flying!

Sullivan's Island could be where my lineage began. I decided to show gratitude and planted flowers at the African American cemetery on the island. Yes, it is a small gesture, but it was important for me to do something. I have many blessings and right there on the island could be where they started many years ago before I knew my name. And maybe it did not start there, but the fact remains that I am here. I came from somewhere and Sullivan's Island is as good of a place as any. At least I can touch the earth where many were brought here in chains. I can close my eyes at that very spot and imagine. I can choosse to make their struggles and lives not be in vain. I can do my best to leave something positive behind for those who come after me, even for those who never know my name. Just like those who stepped foot in this country without choice, I will strive, thrive, and fly high!
The marker is online at: If the link does not work, go to the NOAA website and in the search window type Sullivans Island. It is near the bottom on the first page.


Ginny said...

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to read "We can fly". It's inspiring. Look what the right inspiration can do. Keeping God first is the most important thing. My plan is to turn other folks onto this blog and watch it spread. Keep doing what you are doing. Everyone who reads the entry each day will learn something new or she will be inspired by what is said. Be blessed my sisters, Ginny

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