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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Flying with the vote

I voted for the first time as a Georgia resident. Before voting I had a lot of research to do. I had no idea 'who my people were'. I did not want to go into the poll without knowing anything. Plus, I am always telling people to be informed voters and I use the hashtag #foryourfile so that I can catalog the issues and responses that I would not remember. I even attended a political luncheon in an attempt to hear from the candidates themselves. I did not learn much. Partly because not much was said and partly because it started an hour late and well, I had other things to do.

So I paid attention to the televised debates. I read everything I could get my hands on. I particularly had to read, read, and re-read articles from various sources on Stacey Evans and Stacey Evans. I was not sure which one best represented me and the television commercials were a bit misleading. I had conversations (not as many as I wanted and I think my friends and coworkers were getting weary of my questions) with people in an attempt to decipher what was needed and who could best deliver that. Again, it was the primary. The winner would go up against the Republican primary winner. There will be a runoff to determine that.

It was different voting in Chatham county. Much of it was manual input. It took a lot longer than I am used to. There were no ballots posted. There was no explanation of the referendums or whatever those questions were on the ballot. I was unprepared for them and I thought I had downloaded the most recent ballot. I got frustrated because I did not understand the manual stuff. I got a voter registration card so why was I manually put into the system? I did not ask because my words may have come out harsh and I may have been escorted out. So I stood there waiting glaring at the woman who I am sure was doing the best she could to put my information into the system. I managed to vote and next time I try the early voting.

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Chuck Bridges said...

early voting took about ten minutes during weekday lunch at JMB library. the sample ballot i got from "my voter page Georgia" was pretty accurate. not completely accurate, but pretty close. it had the issues questions on it.